Transport Logistics, Inc. (TLI) and All-freight Pool Distribution Services (APDS) are dedicated to conveying unparalleled value-added service and affording the highest benefits and greatest costs savings to its customers. Shipment integrity, timeliness and cost-effectiveness are the essential elements of our innovative service solutions to our customers' unique transportation and distribution needs. Transport Logistics, Inc. and All-freight Pool Distribution Services form a powerful coalition providing an array of transportation services.

Core Services

Truck Load Transportation

TLI's Truckload division regularly coordinates and dispatches truckloads of freight to destination points nationwide. Contracting with a host of contract motor carriers, TLI is positioned to handle its customers' truckload needs. Leveraging the aggregate of its truckload business allows TLI to obtain favorable truckload rates for its customers.

LTL Transportation

When the quantity of freight to be moved is less than required to apply truckload rates and Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) is the best mode of transportation to move a shipment, then TLI is ready to move the cargo. Numerous LTL carriers are at TLI's disposal at a moment's notice to move cargo across the state or across the country.

Pool Distribution

Pool Distribution is the distribution of product to numerous destination points (stores) within a particular geographic region. Characteristics include a high frequency of regular shipments in LTL quantities, typically in the 150 to 3000 pound per shipment range. Pool distribution represents a cost effective alternative to the high cost of LTL shipments.

Transportation Management

We provide transportation management.

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